How can I grab $ELONAPE tokens?

  1. First, you will need to setup a MetaMask wallet (or any other wallet supported by Pancakeswap).

  2. Fund your wallet with BNB (BEP20) - i.e. send BNB (BEP20) to your BNB (BEP20) wallet address. You can purchase BNB from Binance or have someone send it to you.

  3. Go to the Pancakeswap BNB-ELONAPE pair page, select the amount of BNB you want to trade for ELONAPE - the ELONAPE amount will automatically be calculated based on current rates.

  4. Click on the little cog on the top right of the Pancakeswap trade box, select 10 to 12% slippage (increase % if transaction fails).

  5. Click on ‘Swap’, wait a bit for the transaction to be confirmed and that’s it!

  6. You are now officially a ElonApe, welcome to the band and get ready to scare the poachers away!

Is the initial liquidity locked?

Yes! Liquidity has been locked on DxSale.app.

What is the charity wallet?

The goal of our project is to support red orangutan conservation by donating to charities and organizations that help them in multiple ways (take care of orphans, fight the poachers, etc). To be able to make these donations, we have set up a public charity community wallet visible here.

How is the community wallet funded?

The wallet has initially been funded by 10% of the circulating supply and will accumulate transactions fees - like any other hodler wallet. The more ElonApes trade $ELONAPE, the more the wallet is funded!

How will the community wallet be used?

The initial amount (10% of total supply) will always stay untouched so that it keeps accumulating the fees. Only the accumulated fees from transactions will be sold at BNB market rate on Pancakeswap when we are ready to make a donation. Whatever BNB amount redeemed through the trade (minus gas fees) will be donated to the charity wallet.

To avoid creating sell pressure on the rate of $ELONAPE, we will uphold the following rules for selling from the charity wallet:

  • 1 BNB minimum

  • Maximum of 2% of total BNB locked in the liquidity pool.

    • For example if there is 200 BNB in the liquidity pool, we will not sell more than 4 BNB.

The charity wallet donation sale will be announced at least 12hrs in advance so everyone knows what’s going on with the community wallet. Our initial donation frequency would be once every month, this is subject to change depending on how big the project becomes. The more we can afford to donate, the better.

How will the charities/organisations be selected?

The team will pre-select some charities and organizations and will make a community poll so that ElonApes can choose which one we will donate to next!

Everyone is also welcome to submit charities that they think could be a good fit for our project, through our telegram.

The current plan, which is subject to change depending on community input, is to only select charities/organizations that accept LTC, Monero or zCash as a method of payment for donation. We want to be as transparent as possible, so making a direct LTC transfer to the charity seems to be the most transparent path for now.

How will we know if the funds have correctly been transferred?

After each donation, the transaction will be linked on our official Twitter account.

Thanks for reading, fellow ElonApe. If you have any other questions, feel free to join our telegram and talk to the community!